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/Mighty4 Appreciation Award

Its was such an honor and quit a humbling experience. To be nominated and recieve an Appreciation Award from Bay area Elders, Mighty4.  For the past 15 yers, they have been giving out this award to Hip Hop leaders around the world.  This year, we were recognized for all of the work we do in the community and perpetuation of the Culture of Hip Hop.  Thank you Paulskee and Mighty4. We have only begu to scratch the surface of the impact we desire to make.  We will continue to make you proud.

  /Mid Week Metro

Such a great article. Mahalo Nui to Christina for doing such a great peice on the center.  Grab your copy

/Star Advertiser

Funk, Flow and Fury 2015 was a huge success. Star Advertiser was able to catch a few flight of our next generation Hip Hop heads.  Our 10yr old DJ students showcased while our 18 and under Bboy battle went off.

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