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House:  Hailing from Chi town and New York House is an improvisational dance encouraging your freedom of expression. The main elements of House dance include Footwork, Jacking, and Lofting.  House is not a descendent of hip hop but is related by way of music and other cultural influences.  This class is Great fun Great music and a Great work out.
Breaking: An original form of Hip Hop, Bboying will definitely keep you fit.  With lots footwork, freezes and power moves these focused classes will develop everyone from beginner to advanced and promote your own unique style into its foundational steps.      
Keiki Art :  This fun and exploratory class is a great introduction to art.  This project oriented workshop teaches the foundation of fine arts while sparking their imagination and creativity. From portraits to monsters, this class will spark the creative monster in your keiki. 


Urban Art: This street art class has all the foundation of fine arts with the freedom of street art.  Come learn the how to’s in a safe and legal environment. Learn techniques, character development, stenciling and more while strengthening your skill in acrylics, ink, charcoal, aerosol and other mediums.  Building with other students, teachers and collaborations.
Writing/Aerosol:  From "How to create Hip Hop Lettering" to "Creating characters and design" to "Aerosol mural & exercises", this class is inspiring, educational & fun.
​Choreo/Street/ R&B:  Classes are geared toward positive hip-hop, teaching knowledge on the history of urban culture and helping to empower you  to use your inner talent. Mixed with social dances, locking, a little popping and little breaking, this class starts off with a basic warm-up, then is broken down with a hip-hop combo.
​Universal DJ Academy: Wanna learn how to mix and scratch like the pros? These classes are geared to help you master the one’s and two’s. Come learn what traditionally takes years to learn.  First time in front of the tables or just wanna brush up on your skills. We will teach you the fundamentals whether you want to be a club/party DJ, a battle DJ, or simply looking for a new hobby.


Tahitian:Wether a first timer or experienced dancer wether for fun or competition our Tahitian classes is the fit for you. Besides traditional movements, an Otea (medley of rhythmic line dances) will be taught ranging from simple to complicated rhythms, and movements. Aparimas (Tahitian story telling dances) will also be taught in Hula and Tahitian dance.
​Performance Poetry/Emcee (Rap): This class will help you develop your unique voice!  You will develop boldness and confidence to use your voice. How to appropriately address social issues from clear intelligent jive vibe.  WHat is vision and why is it so important to this craft. How to develop memorization and projection, how to incorporate movement and pronunciation. The power of words-spoken, written, and thought.
Tumbling: These classes focus on skills on floor. Tumbling is highly recommended for cheerleaders, bboys, and dancers! Classes are offered in three levels: Beginner,Intermediate, and Advanced. Students must have a standing backhandspring to progress to Intermediate. Students must have a round off backhandspring series to be in Advanced. Level of entry is based on skill rather than age..
Beat Boxing: Beatboxing is an element of hip hop culture practiced by a "human beatbox (a term that became prominent in hip hop culture in the early 1980's)." A human beatbox (beatboxer) is a person who emulates music, percussion, drums, instruments, sounds, and a drum machine with his or her voice. Beatboxing is an urban A Cappella art form that fuses scat singing and vocal percussion and mouth drumming. A human beatbox is a vocal musician that does voice music.
WaDaVu: WaDaVu is a class that mixes Waacking, Dancehall and Vouging.  
     Waacking consists of moving the arms to the music beat. It also contains other elements such as posing and footwork. Waacking puts a strong emphasis on musicality and interpretation of the music and its rhythm.
     Dancehall is a caribbean sensual groove set to reggae and danchall music.  The movement will get your blood puming and your passions sturred.
     Voguing comes out of the Harlem Ballroom scene.  In it evolution came 3 different styles. Old way, New way and Vogue Fem.  Its a fun and invigorating form of dance.
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