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Meet The Board

We are truly thankful and privileged to introduce our Board of Directors to you.  This amazing group of people will be helping Diverse ART forge forward in all of our endeavors.  

This eclectic group of entrepreneurs and professionals are volunteering their time, energy and resources to help provide a creative, nurturing and educational environment for your children.

Please visit their websites for more information:



Founder / Executive Director: Nicole Kealoha

Nicole Kealoha has over 20 years experience in the field of performing arts. She has studied several different disciplines from Hula and Tahitian to Jazz and Hip Hop. Her dance abilities and leadership skills have taken her to many places around the world like Japan, New York, LA, Samoa and Columbia. In 2008 Nicole founded Diverse A.R.T. center. A youth empowerment facility that offers classes in Music, Art , Dance and Education. She expanded her reach in 2012 by speaking to over 15,000 youth every year with her “Yes to Purpose” school tour.  Over the past 9 years her work includes Hip Hop Community Events, workshops in the 5 elements of Hip Hop and island wide community awareness murals. Nicole is the founder and host of the island wide annual Middle and High School dance competition “Honozulu Beast”. She has choreographed award winning competition pieces and performed for artist such as Kimura Lee Simmons, Carmen and Ms. Hawaii to name a few. She has recently done work with Mari Koda from Step Up, members from Season 5 Americas best Dance Crew Hype 5-0 and Static Noise. 



President: Kut Master Spaz

Kutmaster Spaz is now a nationally recognized re-mixer/DJ by the music industry. His cutting edge mixing skills, showmanship and keen sense of music programming has lead to many opportunities including a position as a Club Chart Reporter for Billboard Magazine. A title only given to 150 top DJ’s in the U.S. In 2003 Spaz signed with Time Warner to be the Executive Producer and Host for a the hit T.V. Show on OC16 called DIS-N-DAT. DIS-N-DAT is about music, entertainment, people, places, food and trends in Hawaii all tied together with comedy and a positive message.  










Treasurer: Kelly Morate                               

Senior Sales Executive for DIS-N-DAT Media Group LLC. Kelly has a smart business background having owned her own businesses which included a Japanese Tour Company and local style restaurant on the island of Hawai'i.  She understands what it takes to run a business and get the best results in a professional manner. Kelly is the "go to girl" when it comes to promoting and marketing your services and products. She has been with DIS-N-DAT Media for the last 3 years now where she does marketing for clients and obtains sponsorships for projects and events.  








Secretary: Debbie Woo                               

Debbie went to Kaimuki High for 2.5 years and graduated with a GED from Kalaheo High.  Her dream was to become an actress, so she took acting lessons when she was 11 and 12 years old. Her  biggest role was as one of the mice in the "Nut Cracker Ballet” at the "HIC". She worked her first job when she was 14 years old as office helper at Parks & Recreation and worked the next 30 years in sales and administration. The next 17 years to date has been in sales & construction for building materials and designing kitchens and bathrooms.  









Officer: Dennis Nishihara

Grad from Roosevelt High School.  Got a BA in Psych and MEd in Educational Psychology from UH-Manoa.

Work history:  Honolulu Stadium maintenance crew, Parks and Rec. facility attendant, processed foods inspector, research statistician, prison guard at HYCF, and counselor for DOE.   As a DOE counselor I worked at elementary, intermediate, and high schools on O'ahu, Maui, Moloka'i, and Big Island.  One of the first 6 counselors in Hawai'i to attain National Certification. First counselor in Hawai'i to be published in the Journal of the American Counselor Association - "Culture, Counseling, and Ho’oponopono".  Named elementary school counselor of the year by the Hawai'i School Counselor Association.






Officer: Sarah Kalicki-Nakamura

Sarah Kalicki-Nakamura & Cindy Sakai, co-owners of TH!NK, LLC help leaders create workplaces where people come to work because they want to, not have to. TH!NK, LLC is a Hawaii based training company that has been in business, under this name, since 2004.  The company came into existence when managing partners Cindy Sakai and Sarah Kalicki-Nakamura merged their 2 existing training companies to form TH!NK, LLC.  In total, Sarah and Cindy have been entrepreneurs in the training community since 2000.

Sarah Kalicki-Nakamura is known in Hawaii for delivering personal development programs that help leaders create workplaces where people come to work because they want to, not have to.       Sarah’s upbeat style, fortified with meaningful tools, create an environment where participants can  explore new topics and find immediate applications that positively affect the bottom line. 




Officer : Kirstin Seal

Kirstin Seal was born and raised in the city of San Francisco. Graduating from Lowell High School, she found herself falling in love with the Polynesian culture and moved to Hawaii, where she studied and received her B.A in Advertising. During her studies, she was drawn to the beautiful art of Tahitian dance, and devoted all her free time to practice under the direction of Mareva Nopuente in the group, Te Ori Tahiti Here. She has since competed in a multitude of group and solo competitions, including, Heiva I Honolulu, Heiva I Oahu, Heiva I Kauai, and Mehetia Fete. Aside from dance, Kirstin is currently an Account Coordinator at the public relations firm, TLC PR. As an Account Coordinator, she is the constant connection between the media, and her clientele, making sure that there is a steady stream of communication between them.

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