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Chynna Higashi

Chynna has been dancing for 4 years. She has experienced many different styles of dance: hip hop, breakdancing, ballet, jazz, modern, tap, and Broadway. Her goal is to inspire other kids and help their love for dance grow. Her style is unique in which it gives kids a chance to incorporate their own style of rhythm into the movement. She loves what she does and loves being able to teach others. 


East 3 is a life long “Writer” and Hip Hop practitioner from Hawaii since the 1980′s. In 1993, he met and began studying under his mentor, the legendary P.H.A.S.E. 2 (NYC). Currently East 3 works closely with Mighty 4 youth non-profit to help strengthen the youth in numerous states and cities.

Some past clients and collaborators for design work include: Adidas, Afrika Bambaataa, Anomalies Clothing, DJ Qbert and Thud Rumble, GQ Magazine, Kidrobot

Mighty 4, Rock Steady Crew, When Art Imitates Life (WAIL) Project and more


Edwin Bullaoit.

His passion for dance started from when he was young in the Philippines. In daycare, we had to dance and sing for a performance. From that moment, it became one of his favorite hobbies. He has danced with Studio 808 Dance Project, The Playground Dance Studio and also Hypersquad Dance Studio. He has been choreographing since intermediate. In high school he joined 96706 Dance Squad, the original dance club at James Campbell High School becoming Captain his senior year leading the School to win the Honozulu Beast Dance competition. "Dance is something that has impacted my soul. " Sates Edwin it has made him resilient, have a positive mentality and continue to push himself. 

Jack Rabanal

I believe dedication, hardwork, trust, and love will make anthing grow”


Currently teaching, performing, and battling nationally as well as internationally, Bboy HIJack invisions not just Breaking but Hip-Hop culture in every private and public school program, whether it be during or after school. This gives youth the opportunity to build with a positive outlet that can teach the importance of problem solving, risk taking, self confidence, and body mechanics while maintaining the core essence of having fun.

Bboy HIJack has been breaking for a total of 8 years and continues to grow within the culture traveling worldwide. He has been guided and inspired not only by internationally known mentors Profo Won, Milestone, and Ark, but also by the students he teaches. HIJack continues to maintain and active presence within the breaking community, representing the 808 Breakers and Floorgangz. HIJack has done more than 100 performances, volunteer work for Stockton Youth Correctional Facility, and has flown to different states and countries for exhibition battles. With the continued support of his family and friends, Bboy HIJack contiue’s to follow through with his vision.

Johmel Opeta

Originally from Los Angeles but lived here since 2005 with my family. I've been dancing since I was 18 years old and never had any experience with a studio until I was 21. I'm Polynesian German Chinese mixed. I love being active and doing outdoor activities. I love to sing play piano, play sports, eating, and love being around my family. My style of dance is in Dancehall Waacking Voguing. I love to dance because it humbles me and really takes me to a different level of freedom. I am a choreographer for The Playground dance studio and one of the directors for our junior team called Recess Pieces. I also dance for our competing team, Canvas Disciples. 

Lyanne Brooks

A true ambassador of House in Hawaii. She teaches House dance and recently starting producing local House Music under her last name Brooks. She is the director of the premier school of House in Hawaii and runs the popular weekly House Funk Soul party "Soulgasm" in Hawaii.

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