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All items due by July 9, 2017


“The state of American education legitimizes some ways of knowledge while marginalizing others. It is modeled on white middle-class logic as its referent which silences subordinate voices and disavows those life experiences that do not fit the mold.”      (Counter narratives. Cultural Studies and Critical Pedagogies in Postmodern Spaces)


Because standardized education is often mismatched with students’ experiences within their community, Rock The School Bells Hawaii (RTSBHI) is a conference that provides a space for youth and students of all ages to participate and engage in a blend of workshops that: 1) enhance their ability to think critically about current issues in the world as well as in their communities, 2) read and write about topics related to their life’s experiences, 3) display effective oral and written communication, and 4) understand the historical and cultural aspects of Hip Hop and its effect on society and education.


Every year, we invite educators, community, art organizations, dance companies, and artists to participate in our annual conference. RTSBHI invites proposals for workshops focused on, but not limited to, literary arts, dance culture/styles, writing (graffiti) art, Hip Hop history, entrepreneurship, DJing, social justice issues through Hip Hop, the role of women in Hip Hop, and economics utilizing Hip Hop. RTSBHI values the diversity and uniqueness of workshop proposal submissions. As a result, we would highly consider workshops related to health and fitness, sustainability, career and technical education, or social justice.

The theme of Rock The School Bells HI  is “Legacy.”  We wanted to honor the legacies of Hip Hop that were passed down to us which are also imprints of our stories and personal narratives. Hip Hop is a vehicle of creative expression that allows us to articulate our stories in ways that makes sense to us and our communities.


RTSBX will be held at UH Student Campus Center on Saturday, October 7, 2017.


This year, we will highlight workshops that will help facilitate thought and action to our youth and community by asking questions such as:
*What is the legacy you would like to leave behind?
*What does legacy mean to you?
*In what ways can our legacies positively impact our own communities?


As a result of this year’s theme, we will not deny workshops who do no follow this topic but will prioritize workshops that can integrate this theme around “Legacy”.

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